Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Guided Carts (AGC) provide a cost-efficient, automated solution to transport pallets, cartons and products throughout your warehouse, or manufacturing, facility.

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AGV solutions are an extremely safe and reliable system

With the ability to be installed into an existing facility, AGVs provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable option. AGV automation can complete tasks such as pallet loading and handling, transportation of goods, pallet wrapping, tracking of cartons and products, barcode scanning, right through to container loading.

With advanced safety & sensing systems AGVs ensure there are no damages to products, buildings or machinery, improving workplace safety and productivity significantly.

AGV Types & Applications

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Forklift AGVs

We offer a complete line of forklift models suitable for all kinds of material handling needs in manufacturing and distribution. Whether your moves are floor to floor, rack, block storage, or even double deep, we have a vehicle to meet your needs. No company provides more features or capacity.

Our forklift vehicles are designed to transport a variety of products, including palletized loads, paper products, gaylords, bins or racks. They can replace most operations associated with traditional forklifts and pallet jacks while improving safety and throughput efficiency.

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Tugger AGVs

Designed to tow a variety of loads including carts, trolleys, and trailers, our tuggers can handle both light and heavy-duty applications. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with automatic hitch capability allowing the vehicle to automatically couple or decouple from a load.

Our tuggers can reach a max towing capacity of up to 29,000 Kg. and are suitable for almost every industry. Tugger AGV offers high capacity, automatic transportation for both indoor and outdoor environments and comes in a variety of models.

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Unit Load AGVs

We offer a line of Unit Load AGVs, also referred to as “top carriers” or unit load automated guided vehicles. These AGVs are built to carry one or several unit loads at a time to and from conveyors, stands, end-of-line equipment (palletisers, wrappers, robots) as well as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RSs).

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Heavy Load AGVs

We are known for handling the most challenging loads in a variety of environments. Our heavy load AGVs can be designed for most applications. These vehicles are perfect for heavy industries while still featuring all the same benefits as our standard AGVs. They are designed to move your load safely.

Our AGVs transport regardless of process, temperature or weight and stored in racks, on the floor, in stands, directly loaded into presses or stacked in the warehouse. Reliably transporting hot and cold coils, spool trays, industrial bins, jumbo rolls of plastic, paper, steel and much more.

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Outdoor AGVs

Our Outdoor AGVs allow for flawless transport between multiple production buildings. They are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions of varying degrees. The system design considers temperature, terrain, visibility, humidity and rain among other variables to provide effective outdoor automation. Outdoor AGVS can be designed to meet any number of applications and load types. Vehicle designs will vary depending on customer specifications.

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Custom AGVs

Our specialty is integrating custom AGV systems with all types of automation equipment and software. As a leading provider of AGV customisation, our talented engineers can tackle the most challenging application requirements within a wide variety of environments. Custom engineering is available for all our AGV vehicle types.

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Case Study

AGV Tuggers Safely Transport 65,000 lbs. of Glass

Scott engineers designed a Laser-Guided Tugger vehicle to move cart-trains weighing up to 65,000 pounds of palletised glass for a significant North American food and beverage customer.

How do you select the best AGV or AGC for your warehouse or manufacturing facility?

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AGCs (Automated Guided Carts) use similar operational components and navigation methods. Each is versatile and can offer flexibility to move a load from point A to point B. The right choice for your facility depends on the environment, long-term logistics, budget and the application intended. Comparing your business objectives with the functional capabilities of an AGV or AGC will give you an overview of which solution is best.

Typically, AGCs are better suited to lighter (up to 450kg) tasks in simple loop circuits, e.g., moving components from storage areas to assembly and production lines. For more complex, or heavy tasks, an AGV may be more suitable, given its advanced navigation technology and ability to transport heavy, or uniquely shaped, loads.

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