Robotic Handling Systems

Scott can provide innovative, turn-key solutions for a range of robotic material handling applications. We can also customize the solution based on customer requirements.

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Scott are experts in the design, build and integration of robotic material handling systems that improve productivity, reliability, yield, and safety for manufacturers and processors globally.

We have installed a wide range of turn-key and custom machine tending, palletising, and depalletising systems and our solutions can be integrated into most manufacturing industries.

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Cathode Manufacturing – Glencore Technology, Townsville Copper Refinery

Glencore developed a new Cathode plate, ISAKIDD™, and needed a robotic handling and welding system to produce this new plate in bulk quantity along with their traditional range of plates.

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Automating this process means we make more reliable, high-quality plates while having the ability to synchronize outputs with production demand...I'm pleased to say the work was completed safely and within budget as well.

Noel Kimlin
Engineering Superintendent - Glencore Technology

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