Advanced systems for automotive manufacturers and suppliers

Automated solutions to meet the stringent safety, high compliance and quality control standards needed to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Products and solutions

Our automated solutions increase efficiencies in the production process, from parts identification and timely delivery, to robotic welding systems and automated guided vehicles that transport everything from tyres to bus chassis.

Drake Trailers Featured Case Study 1440x880

Robotic welding solution achieves 64% reduction in cycle time

Investing in an automated system to overhaul manual techniques resulted in a vast improvement in production time for heavy-duty trailers specialist, Drake Trailers.

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Using a robotic welder ensures consistency, which provides the most reliable product possible. We know each weld will perform to the standards it was designed for which gives our customers a trailer they can rely on

Khali Lak
General Manager

Why Scott?

We support manufacturers to create robust products for the automotive industry. Our extensive experience with this industry gives us in depth knowledge of the high compliance and quality control measures needed for success; while our solutions deliver a safer workplace with fewer product recalls.

Quality control

Solutions are designed to repeat rigorous jobs to a high standard on each and every pass.


Due to the precise nature of the equipment less product is damaged or destroyed by errors, resulting in more efficient use of materials.

Enhanced safety

Keep operators away from heavy and dangerous equipment reducing the risk of workplace injuries

Higher throughput

Manufacturing lines can be run faster, with less downtime often resulting in a higher profit margin.

Who we’ve worked with?

At Scott, we recognise the value of long-term business partnerships and are incredibly privileged to have many world-class brands partner with us. Will you be next on the list?

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