Straddle Stacker Forklift AGVs

Straddle Stackers are used for frequently moving pallets where a manual push stacker would lead to worker fatigue. This is the perfect vehicle to go where regular forklifts cant. Ideal for use in small warehouses and loading docks.

Machine 06 1440x1440

This vehicle is designed to easily maneuver pallets through cramped spaces. Known for their versatility, these AGVs are great for warehouse and commercial facilities. Easy to use, move and maintain, this vehicle can meet a variety of needs safely, and efficiently in tight spaces. Our vehicles come equipped with sensors to stack loads, interface to conveyors and to racking.

Vehicle features include:

  • Safety travel lights
  • Laser scanners
  • Emergency E-Stop buttons
  • Operator diagnostic panel
  • Laser safety bumper Battery meter

Fork height capability can vary from just 4 ft. to over 30 ft. Vehicles can also be equipped with pantographs for double-deep applications.

  • Perfect for small facilities or cramped spaces where maneuverability is limited.
  • Able to perform the job of a regular forklift with ease through tight corners.
  • Compact design can handle both full and empty pallets.

Straddle Stacker Forklift Brochure

Sample Vehicle Specifications:

(Vehicle specifications shown are a sample only. Vehicle design will vary depending on the application.)

Vehicle Length*122.2 in. (3102.8mm)
Vehicle Width*64.7 in. (1643.8 mm)
Capacity (Maximum) 2,500 lbs. (1133.9 kg)
Battery Voltage 48 VDC
Battery Capacity210 AH
Battery TypeVarious available
Maximum Vehicle Speed (loaded/unloaded)
Maximum Lift Height (Top of Forks)48 in. (1219.2 mm)

Straddle Stacker Forklift AGVs

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