Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Guided Carts (AGC) provide a cost-efficient, automated solution to transport pallets, cartons and products throughout your warehouse, or manufacturing, facility.

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How do you select the best AGV or AGC for your warehouse or manufacturing facility?

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AGCs (Automated Guided Carts) use similar operational components and navigation methods. Each is versatile and can offer flexibility to move a load from point A to point B. The right choice for your facility depends on the environment, long-term logistics, budget and the application intended. Comparing your business objectives with the functional capabilities of an AGV or AGC will give you an overview of which solution is best. Typically, AGCs are better suited to lighter (up to 450kg) tasks in simple loop circuits, e.g., moving components from storage areas to assembly and production lines. For more complex, or heavy tasks, an AGV may be more suitable, given its advanced navigation technology and ability to transport heavy, or uniquely shaped, loads.

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The impact of automation on manufacturing

Scott engineers designed a Laser-Guided Tugger vehicle to move cart-trains weighing up to 65,000 pounds of palletized glass for a significant North American food and beverage customer.

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