Grading & Objective Carcass Measurement

Scott is an industry leader in grading and objective carcass measurement (OCM). Our grading and OCM systems provide processors with accurate, real-time data on carcass properties.

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Our patented X-Ray system is designed to determine the skeletal structure of a carcass and identify the ideal cut points for separation of the Forequarter, Middle and Hindquarter.

The system measures the weights of the primal cuts – forequarter, middle and hindquarter – automatically before making a single cut. The Scott X-Ray system is easily linked to animal/carcass identification and tracking systems.


Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) has been used for decades in the medical industry to measure bone density and body fat composition. In the red meat industry, DEXA OCM provides timely, accurate, transparent and objective information on the lean meat, bone and fat composition of each carcass.

DEXA can provide improved processor pricing decisions, and individual carcass specific cut selection as well as provide the ability to inform genetic selection for improved phenotypic outcomes.

Normaclass MAC10

Normaclass MAC10 carcass grading machines grade carcasses in a continuous line, determining fat cover and conformation. MAC10 can process up to 360 carcasses an hour and is available with a fully customisable software interface.

MAC10 works on continuous lines so there is no need to stop the carcass and has no moving parts to simplify maintenance.

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