Flexible solutions for industrial manufacturing

Our automation solutions help you to streamline processes, reduce downtime and improve productivity and performance.

Products and solutions

Our systems are designed to anticipate future requirements, providing a solution that will rise to meet manufacturing challenges proactively. The diverse range of solutions we offer enhances safety, increases production efficiencies and transforms your business on multiple fronts.

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Cathode Manufacturing – Glencore Technology, Townsville Copper Refinery

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Automating this process means we make more reliable, high-quality plates while having the ability to synchronize outputs with production demand...I'm pleased to say the work was completed safely and within budget as well.

Noel Kimlin - Engineering Superintendent
Glencore Technology

Why Scott?

Our skilled engineering team approaches all solutions with a multidisciplinary outlook. Their advanced design methodologies result in adaptable systems that improve safety, increase the economic performance of manufacturing businesses and enhance product quality overall.

Increased control & monitoring

Performance data and quality control can be tracked and visualized in real-time, enabling businesses to adjust their output accordingly.

Integrating partnerships

We have strong partnerships and agreements with suppliers of industrial robots to give you the best robot you need while reducing lead times.

Proven solutions

Our systems have been commissioned across the world. Manufacturers utilize specialized Scott systems daily to transform their operations, regardless of industry, environment or budget.

Operator safety

Automation is proven to reduce injury and the risks facing operators when compared to manual practices.

Optimal outcomes

Automating manufacturing processes will increase profit by reducing waste, improving quality and reducing downtime.

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