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Our Rocklabs crushers and splitters are available in a range of models and sizes to suit your sample preparation requirements.

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Market leading crushers and splitters

After over 50 years supplying sample preparation equipment, Scott is now a leading supplier of crushers and crusher/splitter combos. Following the development of our Rocklabs Boyd crusher, the world’s first double acting jaw crusher that revolutionised sample preparation we have continued to innovate, bringing a wide range of reliable, high-quality crushers and splitters to the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium mining industries.

Our crushers are renowned for their high performance, ease of maintenance and operational reliability and many are designed to function as stand-alone machines or in combination with a Rocklabs Rotating Sample Divider (RSD) or Linear Sample Divider (LSD).

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Complete sample preparation system for Peñoles, Mexico

Scott delivered one of its largest sample preparation systems we have built to our customer, Peñoles. Peñoles was founded over 132 years ago and is the second largest mining company in Mexico.

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“It gives peace of mind working with suppliers of serious and professional solutions such as Scott”

Juan Manuel Cortinas, Peñoles

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Scott sample preparation and automated equipment transform the processing of metals and minerals for mining & exploration companies, laboratories, and research centres all over the world.

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