Due to strategic and economical decisions, or opportunities, such as technical obsolescence, it may be necessary to adapt or upgrade your installation for new challenges.

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Modifications, Extensions and Upgrades

Modifications needed can be quite diverse. Our teams of engineers will carry out the professional installation of new or reconfigured machines into your existing lines, including the integration of conveyor systems, electrical cabling, software interfaces, etc.

Examples of hardware modifications:

  • Optimisation of the installation
  • Extension of the existing installation
  • Replacing outdated technology with the latest version
  • Partial or complete upgrading of the installation
Scott Modifications

Improvements and Upgrade Kits

With the constant evolution of technology, techniques and tools, a continually updated, professional approach is required. The task of our Continuous Improvement department is to get these new technologies together to offer you the best technical solution bringing your equipment to the highest quality, efficiency and productivity level.

The areas of work are:

  • Safety upgrades
  • Quality control
  • Productivity
  • Software tools

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